Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talons
Lodge: Lodge of Wendigo
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath

Intelligence:x2 Strength:x4 Presence:x2
Wits:x2 Dexterity:x3 Manipulation:x2
Resolve:x2 Stamina:x3 Composure:x1


I was only 4 when I lost my parents. I remember that day all to well. I was in the play room watching cartoons and playing with toys when a man came in the house. I have seen this man before he was a friend of the family. He came in yelling at my parents and all I know is that it had to do something to do with me. I didnt understand what was happening after that. I seen my mom and the guy turn into what looked like big dogs. They started fighting, blood everywhere. The man killed my father first and badly wonded my mom. She was able to get the strength to bite a huge chunk out of the mans neck and he blead out. She turned back to her normal human form grabbed me and called 911. The police came and took us to the hospital. They ruled the deaths as an animal killing since there were bloody paw prints everywhere. They never did find the animal. The next day my mother died of an infection in the wounds. I went from foster home to foster. No one wanted to adopt a kid who had become an angry child. I finaly ran off after my first change. Making the world my own. Until a group of people found me and showed me a different kind of life, the life of a werewolf.


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