Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Lust

Intelligence:x2 Strength:x3 Presence:x1
Wits:x2 Dexterity:x2 Manipulation:x4
Resolve:x2 Stamina:x3 Composure:x2


When hippies say they are one with nature well that’s an understatement. I was born and raised in the woods of England. From the time I was able to walk I learned to scout and follow tracks, and when I was strong enough we learned to wield different weapons. I always thought it was a game. When I was 15 my dad shown us what we were going to become. I was told I would change at night so every night on a full moon I would stay up waiting for my change. What I didn’t expect that on rare occasions you can change during the day. Well I was in class when it happened. I started screaming my body felt like it was breaking. My face started taking shape when I ran out of class. I went straight home. My mom was there and as soon as I at the door she knew it was me. She called my dad and he was there within an hour. Later that evening a class mate of mine came to the house. He told me she knew what happened in class and that he was able to make everyone forget what happened because he was a witch. I knew there were other supernatural things out there but I didn’t know there was any where I was from. Even though most supernatural people don’t get along we became best friends.


Howling in the Night Ishtar Ishtar